Virginia Vaughan

Nothing's more dangerous than falling in love

Virginia Vaughan

Nothing's more dangerous than falling in love

Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author

Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author

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Kidnapped in Texas

Cowboy Protectors Book 1

A kidnapping case reveals a secret that changes everything…

After witnessing an abduction, FBI agent Luke Harmon vows to return the teenage victim safely to her aunt, his ex, Abby Mitchell. But Abby has a secret—the girl is their daughter. To rescue his child from a human trafficking ring, he’ll partner with the woman who deceived him. But can he forgive the past before Abby becomes the next target…and his family is lost forever?

The enemy has one mission in the life of a believer - to stop her from moving forward.
But God has a plan, too. (Jer. 29:11)

A plan to give you hope and a future.

This is the overriding theme behind all my stories...

Cowboy Lawmen Series


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